1. Teh sexy


    Nothing like trying something new, right? Like maybe sexy talk because you know he likes it, and you want this whole thing to work, right? I mean, he indulges in it himself fairly often, it’s got to be a turn-on, right? He *said* he likes it. Trying it can’t hurt, I mean, words are your thing. You can do this, you just need to … expand your vocabulary. And maybe suppress every impulse to giggle. But you got this, it’s easy, it might even be fun, who knows, just try it, for heaven’s sake, ya big sissy. Prude no longer applies here sister, get with the program, right? Just jump right in, let fly with some choice stuff, see how that flag flies, baby. Just … say it. What can it hurt? Just say it, right? Say it. SAY IT. Say it say it say it say it oh jeez did he just say pardon? No, surely notOh. Yes. He didn’t hear you, can you say it again? Of course you can. You can say it again, you’re an adult, this is fun, you’re having hot sexy fun this is easy just for the love of cheez say it again okay just say it oh god he moved and the covers rustled and he didn’t hear you, again, can you say it again, baby?

    No, right? The answer is no.