1. It’s complicated

    I left hospital for a few days but had to come back to hospital on Monday because I missed it. Wait, that’s not right. I had to come back because of the pain - sobbing, yelling, begging someone to kill me or at least amputate my leg type pain - and waking up every morning in pools of my own blood and bleeding all over everything, everywhere, all the time. Various complications basically. And then my complications got their very own complications. And then I had to have more surgery. But that uncomplicated me! Almost. So I’m now as simple as quantum physics and feel much better. I’ll be here a few more days, but as I’m now not only simple but institutionalised, I’m very happy.

    I saw a cartoon online a few weeks back showing a girl and a bloke on the subway. They were both reading books, she Fifty Shades Of Gray, he Game Of Thrones. I don’t remember the punchline but that’s not important because the girl in the bed opposite is reading Fifty Shades Of Gray and I’m reading Game Of Thrones.

    There’s meaning in there if you care to look. Let me know if you find it.