1. "In 1950, a young man from Central Point, Virginia, went seven miles down the road to hear some music. Seven brothers named the Jeters were on that night, playing bluegrass in a farmhouse. The young man had come for the music, but couldn’t help noticing a young woman in the audience. The man, Richard Loving, was white; the woman, Mildred Jeter, was black and Cherokee. Seventeen years later, as a result of their meeting, the Supreme Court struck down Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act, along with anti-miscegenation laws in fifteen other states, ending the legal prohibitions against interracial marriage." (The New Yorker)

    I love this so much. It is important stuff, beautiful stuff, and a subject that is very close to my heart, being the product of “miscegenation” myself (we chaps are the wonderfullest and most beautifullest, tru facts you guys, sorry, I’m not sorry, deal with it). Grey Villet photographed the couple and their children in 1965 and there’s an exhibition of some of the photographs at the International Centre of Photography in NYC. I would kill to see it. This is just wonderful, in so many ways.

    Love. It’s all there is.