1. O hai.

    I loved my week 2 photography assignment so much I bought the company. I mean, I did the whole thing twice, once at the beach of the abandoned Shoreham Fort (these here are my favourites from the fort, which I took to class tonight) and once in the woods. As usually, they’re a shitload better uncompressified and on Flickr. I think I’m becoming obsessed, which is just as well because I mostly feel sad at the moment and taking photographs is something that makes me feel less sad. The way I figure it, the more photos I take the happier I’ll become. I heard that’s the way it works for humans so I thought I might try it out and see if it works for me too. You never know.

    Isn’t it strange the things that can save you?

    To happiness, then. And a kiss on both cheeks for you.