1. Today was pretty great.

    There was a sweet text message at 5:30am from across the sea that woke me and made me smile and sniffle and miss people far away. There was coffee and tea and bacon sandwiches on the beach for breakfast. There was a new pair of desert boots to wear (I love them!). There was a strawberry lollipop. There was a tiny bit of sea glass to look through. There were tiny flies divebombing my face. There was a pebble with a smiley face that made us laugh like cats on crack. There were swimming dogs and yelling children. There were kites! There were four 1970 editions of John Wyndham novels for 8 quid at the beachside bookstall (WINNING). There was sunshine. There were small, brave airplanes rumbling across the sky. There was beer and talking and a sunset at the pub.

    Days can be like this.