1. About

    Hello. I’m Justine. I’m a novelist and I live in Brighton, UK. You can call me Wolfie.

    Things that make me feel happy: being outdoors, risotto, being outdoors while eating risotto, science podcasts, creating new worlds with words, making photographs, my guitar, the ocean, cuddling, the sound of banjos, baby goats, the constellations, Guinness, wolves, you, the word shenanigans, any combination of these.

    My first novel, Advice for Strays is available at amazon.co.uk or The Book Depository and other places, probably. It’s pretty good. You might enjoy it. I’m writing my second novel right now (once I’ve finished cleaning all of the things because that helps me procrastinate think) and it’s got wolves in it and that one you definitely will enjoy. Promise.

    My short writing bits and ponderings are mostly here. Mostly.

    I have photographs of me, because you might want to know what my silly face looks like. Maybe. OK then, moving on.

    I have other photos mostly not of me on Instagram and Flickr.

    I have a blog which was recently decimated, so I’m starting again. New beginnings!

    I have a Twitter, where I make jokes sometimes.

    I have a literary agent.

    Email me at justine at amihumanyet dot co dot uk. Do. I love emails.